Wednesday, March 18, 2009

If you like vampires...

You might like some of these books!

Rachel Caine has written the "Morganville Vampire" series. Titles are
  1. Glass Houses
  2. Dead Girl's Dance
  3. Midnight Alley
  4. Feast of Fools
  5. Lord of Misrule
  6. Carpe Corpus (coming out June 09)

This is one of the many YA series which are listed as a"Twilight" read-a-like, but it really isn't. Claire Danvers is a 16 year old girl who is a freshman in college, and finds herself in a town where humans and vampires co-exist... sort of. There are vampires, a little romance, and some violence. You do need to read the books in this series in order. Each book adds a little more to the story, and adds more to the depth of the characters. The action is intense, the story complex, and at times very creepy. If you like your main characters smart, resourceful, and prone to very human mistakes, you might like these books.

Comments by Pandora