Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Books Coming!

 New books in the YA department: place a hold now!

Sequel to: Sweet Venom
 Gretchen may have known she was a descendant of Medusa long before her sisters—after all, she's spent her life fighting the monsters that escape the abyss—but that doesn't mean it will be easy to teach the other girls the ropes. Can she rely on Grace and Greer, or even trust herself to keep them safe? Greer has pressing social commitments on her plate and precious little time to train in her newfound powers. But that wretched second sight won't leave her alone, and her fabled heritage seems to be creeping into her fashionable life.
 Grace has worries closer to home—like why her brother, Thane, has disappeared. He's hiding something. Could it possibly be related to the secret heritage the triplets share?
With the warring factions among the gods of Olympus coming for them, the creatures of the abyss pushing into their world, and the boys in their lives keeping secrets at every turn, the three girls must figure out where their fate will take them and how to embrace the shadows of their legacy.
  by Sharon Cameron
When Katharine Tulman's inheritance is called into question by the rumor that her eccentric uncle is squandering away the family fortune, she is sent to his estate to have him committed to an asylum. But instead of a lunatic, Katharine discovers a genius inventor with his own set of rules, who employs a village of nine hundred people rescued from the workhouses of London.

Katharine is now torn between protecting her own inheritance and preserving the peculiar community she grows to care for deeply. And her choices are made even more complicated by a handsome apprentice, a secretive student, and fears for her own sanity.

As the mysteries of the estate begin to unravel, it is clear that not only is her uncle's world at stake, but also the state of England as Katharine knows it. With twists and turns at every corner, this heart-racing adventure will captivate readers with its intrigue, thrills, and romance.

 by Kendare Blake
It's been months since the ghost of Anna Korlov opened a door to Hell in her basement and disappeared into it, but ghost-hunter Cas Lowood can't move on.

His friends remind him that Anna sacrificed herself so that Cas could live—not walk around half dead. He knows they're right, but in Cas's eyes, no living girl he meets can compare to the dead girl he fell in love with.

Now he's seeing Anna everywhere: sometimes when he's asleep and sometimes in waking nightmares. But something is very wrong...these aren't just daydreams. Anna seems tortured, torn apart in new and ever more gruesome ways every time she appears.

Cas doesn't know what happened to Anna when she disappeared into Hell, but he knows she doesn't deserve whatever is happening to her now. Anna saved Cas more than once, and it's time for him to return the favor.


Starting with the November 2012 General Election, Pennsylvania law now requires voters to show an acceptable photo ID to vote at the polls. The deadline to register to vote in the upcoming general election is on October 9th 2012. There is no online voter registration option available. We have voter registration forms here at the library.
You can find more information at

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Annual Quilt Raffle

Quilt Raffle time at the Honey Brook Library! We have a beautiful Peacock Applique Pattern oversized Queen size quilt (will fit a King) done in white background with purples and greens. Tickets are $2 or 3/$5 or 6/$10. Raffle ticket will be pulled on Harmony Day, Sept 15, 2012

Stop in to the Library to see our quilt and purchase your tickets.  Proceeds benefit the Honey Brook Library.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lyme Disease Awareness

Wednesday, May 30, 2012, the Honey Brook Library is sponsoring the award winning film "Under Our Skin".
Program is:
4:00 pm Film presentation

5 -6:00 pm Questions and presentation by Douglas W. Fearn from the Lyme Disease Association of Southeastern PA, Inc

6:00 pm Film presentation (encore)

Bring family, friends, and neighbors to see this eye opening film about how people infected with Lyme Disease are treated by the medical community. A question and answer period will be held between the 2 showings of the film. Come at the time that is more convenient for you.

It will be held at the Honey Brook Township Building, located at 495 Suplee Road, Honey Brook.

For more info call the library at 610-273-3303

Monday, April 2, 2012

Ready to Blog Again!

Join us here for information on what's going on at the Honey Brook Library. We will be posting new books, what's new at the library, and book & music reviews.

This month, the Friends of the Honey Brook Library are hosting an "April Tea" on Sunday, April 15 at Heatherwood Retirement Community from 2 -4 pm. The Tea will be featuring Kathleen McFadden, Proprietor of the Elizabethan Tea Shop and her authentic English teas and scones. Tea sandwiches and desserts will also be served. Cost is $14 for Adults and $8 for children under 10. To purchase your tickets, stop in at the library.